Hi I am Marcus Luah,

Many of the agents I have met recently are facing similar issues:

Real Estate Salespersons:

1. Are without a proven business model therefore ⭐Feeling Stagnant
2. Inconsistent results due to lack of creative ⭐prospecting techniques that works
3. ⭐Lack of mentorship⭐ to improve on presentation and interpersonal skills

Team Leaders/Managers:

1. ⭐Struggle to grow⭐ their teams because it affects their own personal sales
2. Lack of a ⭐framework and new techniques⭐ to do one to one coaching effectively
3. ⭐Lose out on recruitment⭐ due to lack of resources and team/division support

And therefore MLD has created a their very own proven ⭐4Ps business model⭐, ⭐Signature MLD Mentorship Programs⭐ to give all our associates a step-by-step formula to achieve their goals in their sales and also their team building.



My Real Estate Journey:

I joined the real estate industry in 2007 as a runner for my then-manager, being paid $8 for every door I open for showing. And by 2012 I was already having a good property career. Not only was I already running a team of 70 agents earning myself a five-figure overriding, I was also ranked #12 top producer amongst 3000 agents for that year in my ex-agency. However I felt a need to up my game and also give my associates whom I treat as my family a better platform to grow and excel.

My life changing shift:

Ever since joining PNG under my boss Kelvin Fong in 2013 with only 30 agents, my team sales almost doubled every year and today my team size now more than 3800 agents.
In 2021, Marcus Luah Advisory has achieved $200,000,000 In Sales and 23 Millionaire Achievers.

And I manage this team of almost 40 subdivisions together with 140 team leaders and also more than 940 team managers, producing 23 Millionaire Achievers in 2021 and groomed the 3 youngest team leaders in PropNex Legacy.

Today my wife and I have upgraded to a landed property at Sixth Avenue, and thats something I aspire to help all my agents achieve, and be even better than me.

I believe in being on the ground:

I understand the frustrations of gettting very vague answers, or even outdated strategies from leaders and therefore even though I currently have a sizable team, my wife and I are constantly running sales ads on Facebook and consistently closing deals through cold lead generation. This is extremely important to me as I want to stay relevant and know what marketing methods really work and also to truly understand what challenges my agents are facing on the ground.

My style of mentoring:

Because everyone is unique, and learn best in different setting, I conduct regular one-to-one coaching sessions with my agents and also sometimes in groups of 3 - 10 so that people could learn from one another. But first of all I would need to understand the individuals, their strengths, weakness, experiences and also their interests. This will allow me to set a clear direction and business plan for each of them.

Creative content marketing:

As you are reading this website, some may be surprised that I actually write my own website because marketing has always been in my DNA. And therefore I’m always introducing new and Creative marketing ideas for my agents because prospecting is the oxygen of our real estate business. Being someone who does not sit and wait for leads to come to me ever since I was a new agent, this habit of creating new marketing campaigns keeps me and my agents excited about our business reviews.

My Strength in using data:

Being a Chief IC in project marketing for multiple new launches in the CCR, RCR and OCR, it has trained me over the years to possess very in depth knowledge about using the right tools, the right numbers and the right flow of presentation that is convincing and reassuring to buyers and sellers who are invited to my regular consumer seminars. And this is also something that I spend a lot of time helping my agents develop this skill as well.

Building the next generation of leaders:

Just like we always say the best Football player may not be the best coach and vice versa, not every top achiever can be the best coach as well. But this is not the case as long as there is a framework and a business model that is sustainable and most importantly highly replicable. Leadership and entrepreneurship isn’t a born talent, it is something that can be trained and developed. Which I already have a proven system that has cultivated so many champion leaders in my team.

I will be happy to answer your questions:

If you’re looking for an environment that constantly challenges you to become better, or a mentor that is on the ground who sets the pace for you to constantly grow faster, stronger and better. Hit me up today and let me understand you better and to also discuss how I can help you in terms of your business and/or team building. I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have for me. This coffee session could be a life-changing one for you just like mine in kelvin in 2012 was.

Lorraine Tan
PropNex Platinum Achievers
(>$100,000 commission in a month)


I left my previous company and have joined Marcus Luah division for over a year and have been happy with the decision I made to join his team.

It has been a steep learning curve since crossing over and I’m grateful for the opportunity to grow professionally adding more value to my clients. I was previously in a comfort zone focusing only on the sale of properties, missing out on many opportunities to value-add my clients, to help them to grow their wealth through property. Since joining Marcus Luah division, I have been able to assist more families to upgrade to private properties.

This is because despite his busy schedule, Marcus takes the time to check in on our progress and regularly organizes one-to-one or small group trainings to help us improve our pitch and advises us on any challenges we may be facing. Being a leader that walks the ground, does sales and conducts consumer seminar regularly, Marcus’ sharing & advice is always relevant to what we face on the ground. He is always just a call away and is always helpful and happy to advise when we need help for work. Besides the trainings by Marcus Luah, I’ve also benefitted by learning from other top achievers in the division. Trainings by different top achievers are conducted regularly and as the top branch, there are many top achievers here with different methods of success to learn from. I’ve always found these division trainings to be one of the best & most impactful because the trainers are transparent and give practical steps that we can adopt in our work. This strong support system in Marcus Luah Division allows everyone to keep growing together.

Social media marketing is one of the most effective yet fast changing prospecting methods for realtors today. Marcus is a leader that is up to date and always one of the first to implement new video & social media marketing strategies. This is so important in our industry as prospecting methods can be outdated in a couple of months and need constant tweaking. From his experience, he openly shares with me online marketing methods that has brought him leads and effective results, allowing to enhance my current online marketing efforts.

Marcus has also given me opportunities to step up and conduct training for our division. Although I’m happy to be able to give back to the division through my sharing, I receive so much more as these opportunities raise my profile and boosts my own marketing for sales, as well as help me improve my confidence and ability in public speaking. Thank you Marcus for being one of the most inspiring leaders in the industry and for working tirelessly to create this strong support system which help us reach our potential as individuals.

Paul Fam
PropNex Super Platinum Achievers
(>$250,000 commission in a month)


Marcus and I had met up a couple of times before I decided to join him in 2018. The first thing I witnessed after joining him was his team’s strong synergy when it comes to working together. As a mentor, he has given me many valuable feedback and it has groomed me into a better leader to my team of agents.

By end of 2019, my team has grown rapidly and have produced remarkable results within a short period of time. This would not have been possible without the strong support from Marcus Luah Division

Donny Wong
PropNex Platinum Achievers
(>$100,000 commission in a month)


When I first passed my RES exams many years ago, I met several leaders from different agencies. I eventually chose to join Marcus because he stood out as someone who was relatable, intelligent and highly driven. He also leads a young and energetic team, each with their own unique strengths, but all sharing the same desire and motivation to succeed.

In all my years with him, he has always made time to answer my queries, and provide prompt and discerning advice on how I could improve. Once, I had an extremely difficult case that required dispute resolution. Marcus took the time to meet the other party and deftly brought the case to a peaceful close. Despite leading a large division now, I can always count on him to be there for me.

His constant reminders and prodding had propelled me to the 2nd in position in his Division in 2018. He also challenged me to start building a team and I now lead a team of 12 Associates. I am thankful to be under his leadership and guidance and I look forward to further growth and greater breakthroughs in the years ahead.

Ng Guan Boon
PropNex Platinum Achievers
(>$100,000 commission in a month)


Prior to joining Marcus Luah in 2017, i was with other agency for almost 7 years and leading a team of 6 agents. I decided to make the switch because i felt stagnant and my team sales no growth.

My ex-agency colleague introduced me to Marcus Luah who invited her for coffee. Next day I was with Marcus Luah at PropNex office and registration done! I was impressed by his knowledge, his team cohesiveness and comprehensive trainings and sincerity to groom people.

Been almost 3 years with him, my humble achievements : My 1st Platinum Award and My 1st 3x Top 100 Producers since I in real estate. My team size now 12 and I am confident with MLD Division's strong support my Team will excel!

Because of him, I have stepped up to become a facilitator in his MLD Signature programme < Advance Prospecting Group > APG for the last 6 batches. Now I am honoured to be invited to join APG leaders to run our batch 7! This programme has definitely improved my skill on team building, stronger relationships and prospecting skills.

Bryan Tan
PropNex Platinum Achievers
(>$100,000 commission in a month)


I have joined Marcus in 2013, prior to coming over I was a brand new agent as I started in 2012. Whatever I did in my previous agency I felt very constricted as I felt that whatever I did was very repetitive.

I decided to make the switch in Dec and spoke to Marcus because he Cobroke a unit of mine. At that point I was impress because when I met Marcus he introduce me to Kelvin since then look up to both of them as my role models.

Throughout my 7 years with Marcus I can say he’s someone who supports me and pushes me to be better. I started out with only a team of 5. And today because of Marcus encouragement and support I have grew my team to almost 70 agents I’m proud to call Marcus my mentor and more importantly I’m thankful for his guidance and his patience.

Thank you Marcus.

Peggy Ong
PropNex Platinum Achievers
(>$100,000 commission in a month)


It all started when I came across a picture on FB that says 3Cs of Life

Choice ->Chance ->Change

That sets me thinking . In order to have a huge breakthrough in my career , I then decided that I need to make choice, a Correct Choice . But who Should I join?

It proves that my Choice of joining MARCUS is definitely the right one!

Upon making the switch , i was given the CHANCE to be exposed to Marvellous training and the Propnexians has amazing work sharing culture that i always wanted to have all these years.

I am really touched with MARCUS effort and sincerity in following up with my work progress . He told me what CHANGES that I *must* make in order to achieve my goals.

And true enough , within 8 months of trust in him and joining him, I have achieved my First Platinum award . I really want to thank him for making me what I am today.

Thank you Marcus for your mentorship

Daniel Lawrence Lim
PropNex Platinum Achievers
(>$100,000 commission in a month)


Prior to joining Marcus in 2017, I was just barely breakeven from my sales and personal commitment. I saw myself going nowhere with where I was previously and constantly living in fear of whether I can make ends meet.

I saw the light of hope when I join Marcus with his big family team in Marcus Luah Division that I too can be transformed and have a breakthrough to become a top producer.

Marcus is full of energy and charisma, I want to be someone like him to inspire everyone around him. He is also very sharp in catching my blindspot and steer me back to alignment with my business goal. I am grateful for his guidance and advice as I do not need any sugar coating advice. He give me straight to the point solution on how I can conduct my business better, how I can work things more effectively and efficiently.

Most importantly, he has one of the most creative minds among PropNex leaders who always stay ahead of the real estate game so that we can capture the bigger market share and how to hit my business target every year.

Because of him, I have become a better person, salesperson, husband and son. I no longer find excuse why things cannot be done because if Marcus can achieve so much with the same amount of time that I have, I can do it too.

Thank you, Marcus. You have transformed my life!


Marcus Luah Advisory has been the Champion Team In PropNex since 2018

With the honour of being the youngest leader in the Advisory category, MLD also features the three youngest team leaders at PropNex and the highest number of young leaders and achievers.

This highly decorated and dynamic division is composed of over 3800 dedicated agents, with 140 meticulous team leaders and 980 knowledgeable team managers, who convene monthly for numerous events.

Stellar results like these don't just happen by chance. Since 2017, MLD has conducted training every year like clockwork. The drive to succeed has been integrated into the very DNA of MLD.

To be in the real estate industry is to live life in the fast lane. Every month new opportunities arise. With the world moving at such a pace, we help our people keep up with sharing sessions where our topmost and Platinum achievers discuss the challenges they face, and how they masterfully close their deals.

Through these invaluable sessions, our agents can learn from each other in an in-depth fashion, how to reach the levels of success that our Platinum members have. All of this is over and above our informative PNG signature programs.

With the division having an immense of more than 140 subdivisions under the collective banner of MLD, that translates to multiple divisions sharing the secrets of their success every month. But it doesn't end there. To further nurture our personnel, we hold smaller scale class level training

PNG Marcus Luah Division 2019 Top 30 Awarded At MLD Annual Dinner (Shangri La Hotel)

Marcus Luah Advisory strives to always be at the forefront of the Industry.

During the Circuit Breaker in 2020, Marcus Luah Advisory was at the forefront of Digital Marketing of Properties in Singapore, being the first team in Singapore to launch the largest virtual viewing database in Singapore.

Despite restrictive measures by Circuit Breaker, the team successfully managed to sell close to 200 resale homes and 300 rentals in less than 2 month.

Marcus Luah Advisory Virtual Open House was Featured on PropertyGuru in May 2020 :


OUR VISION: To guide all our agents and clients to a comfortable retirement, by empowering them with the knowledge and wisdom to make the absolute best property investment choices.

OUR MISSION: To build future generations of successful real estate entrepreneurs and leaders who inspire clients by demonstrating that they walk the real estate talk.

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An intensive 9 session course, the Advance Start Up Program is suitable for both new and experienced agents, to guide new agents to start off on the right foot, and to help experienced agents recalibrate their skillsets to meet the needs and demands of the ever-changing market.

Consumers these days are getting more sophisticated and well educated, therefore the only way to connect and convince clients is to position ourselves as a consultant using hard facts in figures.
Through presentation we are able to qualify, gauge level of motivation, and instil confidence to the clients to stick to us and also to take action.
Therefore having a pin point presentation that is contextualized for different market segment will allow our agents to pluck and play without having to learn all the basic calculations.
• Aims to provide a 30-40 minute presentation to speak to different market segments like first timers, upgraders, condo owners and high end segments.
• Providing you with insights of all the most common objections faced when speaking to each of these market segments.
• Brought to you by our consistent top achievers who consistently cross $500k personal sales each year.
• 2 days total 5 hours of training.


Success in this industry is about having a very structure business model, many agents in the market don’t have a daily prospecting plan. Some agents don’t have the resources to run ads online to get new leads.

In MLD we believe there are ways to create sales without spending a lot of money. Inspired by how insurance agents create leads through warm contacts, we apply an enhanced framework to create FREE LEADS so that everyone can be more consistent in acquiring new clients.
• Course objective is to create FOC prospecting on a day to day basis.
• Day 1: Connection basics, concepts of following up with warm leads and setting up of WhatsApp business profile
• Day 2: Using Social Media platforms to connect and tap on your warm network to get leads. Without being pushy or irritating.
• Day 3: Triggering your Facebook and Propertyguru to meet you for a presentation using tele and whatsapp scripts.
• Day 4: Using low cost apps to create regular digital content like graphics and videos.
• Activity + theory based
• Group challenges with prizes
• 4 days, 3 hours each.

Different sales pitch to trigger appts – Advance Connection Group Program

PropNex Realty meteoric rise to become Singapore's largest listed real estate agency with over 11,000 real estate salespersons in an inspiring success story indeed. It has its genesis in 1999 as the brainchild of two visionary companies, Prulink and Nooris. With a shared vision of providing top quality service that customers trust, the company was founded and formed by Mohamed Ismail Gafoor and partners in 2000. This allowed them to benefit from the economies of scale that consumers could also enjoy as a result.

Building on its founding principles, PropNex Realty quickly gained a reputation for service excellence, eventually adopting the tagline “Service You Trust” in 2008, to best encapsulate the essence of the brand name. This belief in service has propelled the brand to become one of Singapore’s largest real estate companies with a sizeable market share in both the public and private markets.

PropNex is trusted for the breadth and depth of its knowledge of the property market. Apart from providing brokerage services, PropNex also offers consultancy services via several strategic business units — Project Marketing, Investment sales, Valuation Department, Corporate Leasing and Auction Department. These strategic business units are headed by seasoned directors with years of experience in their relevant fields.

The agency has constantly led the way in raising professional standards in the real estate industry and has won many prestigious industry accolades over the years, being the only real estate agency in Singapore to be awarded both the Singapore Service Class (S-Class) and Singapore Quality Class (SQC) certifications by SPRING Singapore in year 2015. The S-Class and SQC Certifications are part of the Business Excellence (BE) framework by SPRING Singapore that provides a comprehensive set of management standards for business excellence.


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The PropNex Powerful Negotiators Group was founded in 2005 by Mr Kelvin Fong and his team of leaders. It is Singapore’s largest real estate team consisting of an impressive 8000 agents. In the past, the group was aptly known as Megaforce. PNG has earned the stunning accomplishment of being the champion PropNex team every year since 2006. Year after year PNG has shown its ability to generate groundbreaking results. What’s more, PNG has a knack for turning agents into efficient machines of success, guiding and grooming the next generation of champion real estate agents. The robust support training programmes from PNG has created a special atmosphere of success. With top achievers willing and able to share the secrets of their success and guide the next generation to even greater heights.